Sabtu, 22 Oktober 2011

University as the Place of Nationalism Grows up

Wrote by : Meranty (CEC)
third year communication science University of Bengkulu (Prime Minister of CEC)
Nowadays the Government of Indonesia has pay serious attention toward the rate of university in Indonesia. The importance of availability educational high institution seems getting realized by all Indonesian. The such condition needs to be supported more in order to increase human resource department.
In supporting the great Mission like above, the educational high institution or university must able to accommodate any students. And so are the students, their existence at campus should become a space for them to provide their professional skill.
I am so impressing to see how much students spread all over Indonesia even abroad have done a lot of wonderful things for themselves and absolutely their country. But it is not also less to see many students of university claimed almost every Governmental policy, as the main failure which can’t be equaled with other developed countries. It means that the awareness of us in realizing the importance of nationality is still poor.
And that is why I would like to state my belief :
“If your dream job requires you to stay in another country besides Indonesia, and if that job does not directly allow you to contribute to Indonesia’s political, social, or economic well-being (for example: you’re not working for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs), do not feel guilty to pursue your dreams because you are not being egotistical.
You contribute to Indonesia by simply showing that as an Indonesian citizen, you are capable of being accomplished in the international setting. By doing so, you indirectly lift our nation’s image within the global community.
As the world’s 4th most populated country, it is a known fact that we are quite ‘invisible’ when compared to fellow highly populated nations that are currently also reaching rapid economic growth such as India or Brazil. We can end this invisibility curse by pushing ourselves to exit our comfort zones and not limiting our people to expand their horizons outside of Indonesia.”
Stop arguing what the term of nationalism. Doing act wisely for yourself and your country start from now.

Profile of CEC (Communication English Club)
English is everywhere !!
Hi guys, what do you expect when you attend to communication science?
Being talkative? Expert in Public Relation? or professional journalist? You need to be master in English! And it just so happens In your own campus, here there is a suitable space that may help to expand your own ideas into an English club, best quality of community completely with the activity. Raise your best achievement here ;-)
CEC is not a course ! But we have the purpose to provide student : to be expert in English by improving fluency in speaking, expand student’s talent in broadcast, speech and debate. And Internalizing the humanity values by outdoor activities. More over, we are gonna to take you travelling together in one program. Always have fun !
General purpose :
CEC prepares students who have good skill in English to be followed in Educational institution championship, youth exchange program and scholarship to abroad.
Understood toward the explanation?
take and fill in your form and put away your bad imagine about English Club. Because in CEC you won’t see that condition. Have fun in English

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